The Once-A-Day Sanitizer That Sets You Free

As microorganisms evolve, antibiotics and other conventional treatments have grown less effective. Ordinary hand sanitizers available in the market protect us for only approximately 30 seconds before they evaporate.

In the foreseeable future, we need ways to proactively safeguard ourselves from new, harmful germs and viruses, for longer periods of time. This is where Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer comes in. This revolutionary product gives complete protection from a wide range of pathogens for 24 HOURS with JUST ONE USE A DAY, transforming lives and living.


 Just Human - Best Hand Sanitizer Brand in India

Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is crafted with advanced technology and trace amounts of a proprietary smart molecule which create an impenetrable bionic shield of safety for your hands. The shield stays active for extended periods once it is dry and does not lose its effectiveness even if you wash your hands. It doesn’t matter which surfaces you touch through the day – the shield stays intact all the way, unless it is aggressively rubbed off.  It has been tested and proven to eliminate 99% viruses and pathogens for 24 hours. It’s skin friendly, non-toxic and super safe for kids.

Allowing us to be free to feel human again.

Just Human: Key Ingredients

70% Ethyl Alcohol

Proven to kill germs & viruses on contact

Proprietary Smart Molecule

Gives Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer its signature long-lasting superpower – the bionic shield

De-ionized Water

Keeps skin safe and hydrated

Moisturising Elements

To keep hands soft even with daily use

Tested by Certified Labs

Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer is designed with proprietary technology from the United States and has been conclusively tested in certified labs. It has been licensed for manufacture by DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India), and registered with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administrator). 



Offices & Schools

It’s time to get back to achieving your goals, without your safety routines hindering you. With our range of use and forget sanitizers, all your goals are just a few steps away.

Public Transport

Commuting through the city in these challenging times can be unnerving. With Just Human 24-hour Hand sanitizer, experience a higher grade of safety, effortlessly.


Made to last longer on your skin, Just Human keeps you safe throughout your journey across cities and abroad.

Car Pools

Travel with the ones who share the same interest as you, while you are at it, share Just Human with them to ensure the safety of everyone onboard.


Trusted by professionals across different fields of medicine.


Just Human enables manufacturers to adhere to strict hygiene practices and standards.