The science of beauty and joy- exploring the power of Neurocosmetics

The science of beauty and joy- exploring the power of Neurocosmetics

After a long week of work, partying, and studying, you're feeling exhausted and stressed. Your friend recommends spritzing your pillow with lavender oil to help you relax. To soothe any twinges of pain in your back muscles, your yoga instructor suggests an ayurvedic massage. As an additional remedy, your mom hands you an ointment with menthol.

For centuries, substances such as lavender, eucalyptus and herbal oils have been used to combat stress, fatigue, pain and even the blues. From ancient India's ayurvedic practices to the Persian perfumes and from the far eastern healing traditions to the Romans and their scented baths, these techniques have been sending signals to our brain through the sense of smell or touch to relieve stress and invigorate our senses. With modern science, the soothing, relaxing or energizing effects of these materials are being explored more deeply, finding additional advantages as they go.

Our skin is a huge barrier that safeguards our body. However, it also contains nerve receptors which detect any stimuli from the exterior or interior of the body and send signals to the brain. This is accomplished when the receptors connect to neurotransmitters and travel to the spinal cord via the intricate pathways of the nervous system. The brain then sends a signal in response to the stimulus or tries to find a solution if a problem exists. Neurotransmitters are responsible for controlling the reactions of our bodies to external stimuli.

Once this concept was comprehended, researchers in the field of skin science started to explore how we could affect or improve this intricate system so that the brain could be exposed to more advantageous signals which would have a more advantageous outcome on the skin. It was also discovered that the opposite could be true! If the skin's nervous system, like its receptors and transmitters, could be positively stimulated, the brain could also feel good!
This led to an exciting new development: clean beauty neurocosmetics. Derived from natural sources, these products are formulated with ingredients like beta-endorphins that mimic the body's natural responses to positive emotions. They amplify the production of neurotransmitters, such as oxytocin and dopamine, that make us feel contentment and joy. This means that our mind-body balance is preserved, and our mood is lifted simply by applying a product to our skin! And the most amazing part? It is also beneficial for the skin's health!!

The products we use to achieve balance and harmony of the mind and senses can help with the regulation of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone released when we experience stress, and it can lead to aging, inflammation, and cell degeneration. It also affects the production of collagen, a key component in preserving healthy and young looking skin. When skin cells are renewed at a consistent rate, it helps to protect against external factors like pollution and UV damage, as well as internal factors like stress or poor nutrition.

Neurocosmetics which are part of the clean beauty segment are almost like magic - they not only make our skin and hair appear better, but also have the capacity to uplift our mood. Certain components help to firm up the skin's texture, some are useful in decreasing sensitivity. Moreover, these products can even control dandruff, reduce wrinkles and facial lines, and fade away redness and dullness.

When you check your reflection, it can create a positive feeling. These products, however, offer something more: when feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or unhappy, they can help to bring about a sense of vitality, quietude, contentment, and a glowing complexion!